• Reverend Fred L. Maxwell founded GAECDC in April 1992. His vision was to see safe, decent and affordable housing for those in need in the community. He realized that many of these people needed permanent, affordable housing first before they would be able to improve their situations. Reverend Maxwell believed that he could raise the economic, educational and social levels of residents of low income communities by giving them opportunities to have permanent housing. From there he knew that promoting business opportunities would help the underprivileged and depressed areas of the community to begin to grow.

    With this vision for change, GAECDC bought two apartment complexes and began offering educational programs on HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, entry into prenatal care, immunizations and parenting. During this time, GAECDC worked to acquire these two apartment complexes so they could be renovated into decent, affordable living spaces. Unfortunately, Reverend Maxwell was not able to fully realize his dream of providing decent, affordable housing and GAECDC was not able to obtain the financing needed to renovate.

    Reverend Maxwell was unwilling to let go of his dream and in 1994 GAECDC applied for grant funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This grant would help Reverend Maxwell and GAECDC to develop permanent housing for single, disabled homeless people, a group rarely assisted in the community. GAECDC was awarded $4,800,00 over ten years to create 100 units of permanent single-room housing. Reverend Maxwell was finally able to see his dream realized in 1996 when 75 units were opened. This exciting new development was the first single room occupancy apartment complex in the Central Florida area. The need for this type of housing was so great that the units quickly reached capacity. Two years later, in 1998, an additional 127 units were opened at the same location.

    Today, GAECDC provides 560 units of permanent, affordable housing. We’ve also expanded our programs and services significantly and grown to include the development of two apartment complexes. We are proud to offer housing to those neighbors experiencing homelessness at Maxwell Terrace Apartments and Maxwell Garden Apartments. We are also pleased to partner with local organizations to offer on-site services and programs such as Project Pathlight HOME project for our residents. It has taken tireless effort and visionary leadership to bring GAECDC to where it is today. We are proud to build on Reverend Maxwell’s dream and to continue to serve this important part of our community.