• helaineHelaine Blum is the President of Grand Avenue Economic Community Development Corp. in Orlando, Florida. She has been active in the area of developing affordable housing and economic development projects for very low income and homeless persons for the past twenty years. She has a specific interest in supportive housing for homeless persons who have mental illness. She is a founding member of the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida and served in various board capacities, including Treasurer and President. She was previously a member of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless for many years, serving on its board as its Treasurer and then as its President for seven of those years. She is also an attorney who has been practicing law in Florida for the past 32 years. She has been with Grand Avenue since its inception, assisting the founder, Rev. Fred L. Maxwell, with the incorporation in April of 1992 and providing executive leadership as a volunteer through the year 2000, at which time she became executive director and then President in 2005 and has continued in that capacity to the present.